Ŝharko25 AGV

Ŝharko25 industrial frame & rack transporter

Ŝharko25 autonomous under rider AGV


The Ŝharko25 is especially designed to operate in areas where the transport of heavy racks, frames and undercarriages can normally only be performed with forklifts, but where space and safety often opposes a challenge for this on the production floor. Because the vehicle navigates autonomous, no physical changes to its area of operation is required.


Alternative for heavy duty forklifts

The Ŝharko25 offers a safe alternative for the normally used manned forklifts to transport heavy loads. It can guarantee a safe and regular supply or discharge of frames or racks. Mostly from, and to machines or different locations in production and storage areas. Our solution can minimize the amount of manual transports throughout your processes without requiring additional space.



Due to its relatively small size the Ŝharko25 can operate in areas where floor space is scarce, it can even use floor space under machinery or installations due to its very low clearance. Which makes different entry and exit routes possible and it can work in an area amongst people.

Ŝharko25 AGV characteristics

  • Small dimensions 260 x 104 x 26cm (L x W x H)
  • 2 x LIDAR scanners for safety and autonomous SLAM navigation
  • Easy to integrate with your production & logistical processes
  • Differential drive for high maneuverability
  • Supports opportunistic charging
  • Lifts 2.500 KG
  • Top speed of 1,45 m/s (>5 kmh)
  • Transports different undercarriages, racks, frames, etc.
  • WiFi connection to our traffic control system MoviĜo Site
  • Easy integration with production line or ERP systems
  • Flexible adding and removing of pick up & drop off points
  • Each vehicle can make use of all defined pick up and drop off points
  • Each vehicle can perform different transport tasks
  • ROS inside
  • Easy to maintain
  • No physical changes to operating area are required
  • Multiple localisation technologies for optimal navigation

Area of operation

Developed to organise the transport to and from production lines and storage.

The Ŝharko25 is especially developed to organise the transport in a goods to person or a goods to machine environment. E.g. delivery of racks and frames with heavy loads of raw materials, parts, packaging, semi- & finished products to production lines. Many of the horizontal transport that is executed with manned vehicles can be performed with the Ŝharko25. It will minimize manned transport by performing many of the horizontal transport from storage area’s to production areas. Using no extra space due to it’s under rider capabilities.

Possible markets & industries:


  • Mushroom production
  • Cheese maturation
  • Vertical farming
  • Tissue culture
  • Insect farming
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing